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We've been lifelong friends, who would have known another layer to our friendship would be added by being lice removal partners. It all started in the summer of 2017 when someone had approached Lana about putting a lice removal center in half of the commercial building the Huemanns' own. The  wheels started turning, Joy and Lana started talking about the idea and found thru conversations with others, there  is a need for this service in South eastern MN.

With the support of our  husbands we then headed down to Florida where we participated in a week long training at the Shepherd Institute learning the strand-by-strand method.  After a full week of hands on training, product education, and best practices learned we were ready to start our new business serving the area as Certified Lice Technicians.

Warmly,   Joy and Lana

Shepherd Institute Trained & Certified

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